The process of Mediation involves a trained mediator acting as a neutral third party to assist in facilitating settlement discussions between persons in conflict. The mediator cannot make any decisions or impose a settlement upon the parties. The mediator’s goal is to focus the attention of the parties on their needs and help them reach an agreement.

In some cases, the parties can recognize the value of attempting to resolve the issues that are important to them, without the Court’s interference. However, increasingly more Courts are making mediation a mandatory step of any family law case.

At The Edwards Law Group, we represent clients during the mediation process.  Without an attorney to protect your rights during mediation, you are likely to make a decision that looks good on paper but will come back with negative consequences in the years to come. Before you walk into a process that could affect the rest of your life, come meet with one of our attorneys to walk in with you and make sure you are protected. Your attorney should be well versed and prepared to handle your case both from a litigation stand point, and a mediation stand point.

In addition, Ms. Edwards has gone through extensive mediation training and is a Registered Mediator in the State of Georgia for both Family Law and Civil Litigation. As a Registered Mediator, Ms. Edwards can also mediate your disputes privately.