In Georgia, a child born out of wedlock is considered to be illegitimate. (Antiquated but true) Many fathers assume that by signing the birth certificate, that makes their child legitimate. While often times signing the birth certificate establishes paternity, it does not legitimize the child. While some hospitals make legitimation paperwork available for unwed parents to sign at the time of the child’s birth, the vast majority do not.

An unwed father needs to know that he has NO legal rights to his child until the child is legitimized. A court cannot award a father any type of visitation or custody until the child is legitimized.

And unwed mother needs to know that in order to receive child support for the child, paternity must be established.

These processes are also important and necessary for a child to inherit and give your child all the legal protections he or she needs. At The Edwards Law Group, we help you understand how to legitimize a child in Georgia. Our attorneys are happy to help each parent establish their legal relationship with the child. It is an important and necessary legal step. Please call us at 770-723-7211 to discuss your specific situation and how we can help.