Meeting Your Georgia Family’s Custody and Visitation Needs

Although it is often difficult for parents to step away from their own pain, child custody arrangements need to be based on children’s best interests. At The Edwards Law Group, LLC, we have many years of family law experience in Georgia. We will help you consider custody options that will fit your family’s needs.

Each family should have a custody arrangement individually tailored to ensure that best interests of the child are met. We do not push clients toward “standard” custody and visitation plans. We analyze your family’s situation and make recommendations based on your needs, and the needs of your child. Call 770-723-7211 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Atlanta office.

Through negotiation or mediation, parents are able to make any child custody and visitation plan they choose. There is no reason to feel restricted by “typical” arrangements. Our firm understands that every family is different, and we will work with you to develop a plan that works for your family.

Drawing on Experience

For almost two decades, we have helped many families reach creative custody plans. We are able to make recommendations and explain how previous clients have approached situations similar to yours. Although no two clients are identical, many parents face similar issues. We draw on our experience to provide parents with numerous options.

In addition to advocating for clients, our attorney — Joy Edwards — also advocates for children. As a Guardian ad Litem, she is appointed by the court to represent the best interests of children.

We have seen how different family custody plans affect children, and we are able to bring that insight to our clients.

If you are struggling to reach a child custody arrangement that meets your child’s needs, we encourage you to call 770-723-7211 or contact us online. Schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer to help guide you through what could be an arduous process.