Modification of Custody in Georgia

Arguably the most difficult aspect of any divorce proceeding is determining child custody. It’s hard for parents to step aside from the anger and pain they may be feeling, but it’s vital to do what’s right for the children. Sometimes this means that one parent has primary physical custody and the other has visitation. Sometimes it means shared custody. Oftentimes circumstances change after the initial custody determination and the issue of custody needs to be revisited.

The need for modification of custody agreements or custody arrangements in Georgia arises when one of the parent’s status changes and they’re no longer able to provide adequate care, or they become better able to provide adequate care than at the time of the original agreement or Order. In an ideal world, both parents would simply agree to new terms and move forward. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Learn about modification of custody in Georgia and the ways in which an Atlanta family law attorney can help protect your parental rights.

Understanding Georgia Custody Laws

The first thing to understand regarding child custody is that it’s never cut and dry. The issue of determining who gets custody of the child depends on a wide range of factors, with all of them coming down to the courts deciding what is in the best interest of the child. It is best for all involved if the two parents can agree on issues of custody, and the courts will generally approve an amicable and reasonable agreement between the parents.

For those who cannot come to an easy agreement, mediation often yields good results. This process involves a neutral mediator who sits down and helps the parties, often with the assistance of their attorneys, come to a decision without confrontation or adversarial proceedings.