People Seeking an Atlanta Divorce Attorney

Nobody goes into a marriage expecting it to end someday. When you are facing a divorce, it’s a heartbreaking time of betrayal, anger and deep sadness. The worst part of it is when the time comes to dissolve the marriage and the spouses can’t agree on what they need to do and who gets what.

When this happens, it’s time to bring in a divorce lawyer. However, you don’t just want to bring in any attorney you can find. It’s vital that you find the right attorney to represent your interests. Let’s take a look at the divorce laws in Georgia and what you need to do to find the right Atlanta divorce attorney to be an ally who will stand up for your rights.

Georgia Divorce Laws

Before you even start your search for an attorney, it’s essential to have a basic idea of the divorce laws in Atlanta. This will enable you to ask the right questions and get the right information from the attorneys you interview. During your divorce process, you’ll need to make vital decisions on everything from division of property, to child custody, finances and more.

In Georgia, there are 13 different grounds for divorce. Twelve of these are “fault” groundsThese include:

At the Time of Marriage

  • The couple was already closely related at the time of marriage.
  • One spouse is mentally incapacitated.
  • One spouse is impotent.
  • You were forced, coerced or defrauded into getting married.
  • A wife was pregnant by another and did not reveal this to the husband.

After the Marriage

  • Willful desertion for at least one year.
  • One spouse was sentenced to two or more years of prison for a serious crime.
  • Habitual drunkenness or intoxication.
  • Spousal abuse or cruelty.
  • A spouse has a permanent mental illness that cannot be cured.
  • A spouse has a drug addiction.

The 13th reason for divorce in Georgia is no-fault. This means that the marriage, for one reason or another, has become “irretrievably broken,” one or both spouses no longer want  to live together, and there’s no hope for fixing the marriage. No-fault divorces are the most common form of divorce in the state.

Residency Requirements

At least one spouse must also be a resident of Georgia in order to secure a divorce. This spouse must be the one who files for the divorce. The residency requirement is at least six months before you may file.. While there is no waiting period in Georgia from the time of seperateion before you can file for divorce, there has to be at least 31 days from the time the divorce action is served on the other party, to when the Judge can actually finalize the divorce.