The Right Approach To Finding the Best Atlanta Divorce Attorney For You

“In more than 15 years as an Atlanta divorce attorney,” says Attorney Edwards, “we have never met two clients with identical situations.” If you have children, significant assets or other concerns, we will take the time to address those issues and develop a plan that meets your family’s needs. We will be a zealous advocate for you during your divorce, including:

Taking the right approach to your divorce is especially important for parents. When divorce involves an adversarial courtroom process, the children are often left with scars that could have been avoided. Through effectively negotiation and mediation, we are often able to keep the friction down for the children’s benefit.

Mediator, Guardian Ad Litem and Attorney Advocate

More and more, Georgia counties are requiring parties to attempt to resolve their differences through mediation rather than litigation. In addition to representing our clients’ interests, Atlanta divorce attorney, Joy Edwards is also a qualified and registered mediator.

When you need a compassionate Atlanta divorce attorney to guide your family through the divorce process, call 770-723-7211 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Atlanta office.